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The Company's History

Wood in the third generation 

The elka-Holzwerke GmbH already has more than a 100-year tradition and is currently in its third generation of family ownership.

1903 Ludwig Kuntz, son of a sawmill owner from Homburg / Saar, has leased a sawmill in Kirn an der Nahe. 12.11.1906 the company "Ludwig Kuntz, steam sawmill and timber business in Kirn' has been registered for the first time in the commercial register. 1927 the company transformed into a KG and 1981 as part of a company split into a GmbH.

2012 headquarters of Kirn has been relocated to Morbach. The brand name “elka” creates the new company name.

After starting in Kirn, sawmills were founded 1908 in Morbach and 1933 in Sohren. In the first half of last century next to the timber production the mining timber production was the most important pillar of the company. Also windows, doors, parquet and block boards were produced for decades.

Today, with around 200 employees, we are concentrated on two core businesses, softwood lumber and wood-based materials.


Production sector:  Sawn Timber

In the early 1980s a saw mill has been built on a former forest land, added with plants for finishing of the products like in a drying chamber and planning machines.

The saw mill was completely destroyed by a fire on 16.04.2003. Already in the summer of 2004 at the same place a new bandsaw mill started its production. High performance with maximum flexibility combined with good lumber quality meet the requirements of our national and international clientele.

Besides the classic timber list in spruce, we also produce in Douglas fir. A modern planning machine generates terrace woods in a high quality from cut wood. 


Production sector: Wooden materials

1961, the first chipboard plant was built at Morbach and expanded to include more plants in the next few decades. 

In addition to the large timber trade program we installed a new plant to specialize in tongue and groove boards in year 2006.

Since 2009, the ecological and sustainable esb (elka strong board) is the best alternative to OSB. Due to the constant availability, a good price-performance ratio, an attractive wood look and excellent technical properties, this plate has established in the market.

In year 2007 we offer a full range of raw particle boards, which has been supplemented by the program called “take it easy” with specific weights between 400 and 500 kg/m³. It should be emphasized that all chipboards are produced without the use of waste wood with sawn timbers from sustainable forestry.


Elka Holzwerke relocates 2014/2015

The previous locations in Kirn and Sohren are centralized in Morbach. The restructuring of the company is connected with cost advantages in management, transport and energy. Synergies are created, heat reserves incurred in particleboard plant in the production, better utilized. 




esb Plus/ VITA