elka® Particleboard


Product information

Quality right down the line

As a partner for retail locations and industry at the brand-level, we offer a wide range of high-quality particleboard.

Specialising in customer preferences

Our comprehensive service range from P1 - P6 particleboard, custom made for the retail and industrial sectors. The combination of wood materials with one another and also in particular with sawn timber and natural wood boards offers you unique advantages.



Domestic wood is used to produce elka® particleboard. The use of raw materials corresponds to the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). Combined with the latest technology, superior knowledge and advanced quality management, the basis is formed for customer satisfaction.


Full service

Our employees provide an excellent, fast customer service at your location and in order processing thanks to high level of expertise.

Delivery programm

Our Particleboard Standardprogramm:


Particleboard tongue and groove:

 The truncated cone-shaped tongue and groove profile offers the user many advantages with thanks to the combination of rectangular and conical profiles:


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Product flyer

Product flyer particleboard and lightweight wooden materials



Certificate of factory production control-particle board: P4, P5, P6

Declaration of safety / Qualitygroup

Environmental product declaration - EPD particleboard and esb


Delcaration of performance

Declaration of perfomance P4 /DoP-PB-40

Declaration of performance P6 /DoP-PB-60