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Sustainable forestry comes first

The essence of sustainable forestry is that no more wood is harvested than actually grows. This principle ensures the preservation of forests. Thus, sustainably managed forests make an important contribution to environmental protection. It is not for nothing that forests are called carbon sinks due to their CO2 absorption and oxygen production during photosynthesis.

For elka, however, sustainable forestry also means that no wood from illegal logging or wood from forest communities in need of special protection is purchased and used. Likewise, no wood is processed that is harvested in contravention of legal regulations, nor wood from the conversion of natural forests into plantations.

elka only processes wood from sustainable, controlled forestry. Out of this commitment, we prefer to use wood from certified forests.

These certifications include the PEFC™(Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) and the FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council®).

Of course, elka is certified by these and other standards, which underline the high environmental awareness and the very good qualities of our products.

Ecological, social and economically sustainable action is one of the basic principles of elka Holzwerke. With this in mind, we maintain respectful relations with our employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners.

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Wood purchasing

The PEFC™ and FSC® certifications ensure sustainable forest management and are already given special consideration when purchasing wood. Otherwise, only wood from sustainable, controlled forestry is purchased. For ecological, as well as for economic reasons, the purchasing area results from a radius of about 150 km. In doing so, elka relies on long-standing and trusting cooperation with our suppliers and forwarding agents. In this way, we ensure a continuous supply to our plant in Morbach.


Company Policy – Wood Purchasing


The use of wood products is an active contribution to reducing CO2 from the atmosphere, as CO2 is stored in these products. This effect is naturally all the greater, the longer the service life of these wood products. elka is always aware of its special responsibility as a wood-processing company, which is why we prefer cascade use and thus close the wood cycle.

Thus, the material use of the fresh wood is always at the beginning of our process chain. With the material use of sawmill by-products in our board plant and the recycling of waste wood to generate process energy, elka makes a further contribution to the efficient use of wood and to environmental protection.

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