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Quality, service and reliability


The right choice for every application: Chipboard from elka

Spanplatten Paket

Quality, service and reliability are our daily business. We are proud to call ourselves raw chipboard specialists.

In addition to standard chipboard, we produce many individual qualities in

  • P0 (light chipboard with 500 kg/m³, e.g. for furniture)
  • P1 (e.g. packaging boards)
  • P2/P4 (chipboard e.g. for the furniture and door industry)
  • P5 (chipboard e.g. for modular construction and the building industry)
  • P6 (high-density chipboard for special applications, e.g. shelving and raised floors)

Our chipboard is made exclusively from fresh wood. The fresh wood is used directly from our own sawmill and regional sawmills. Forest wood comes from a short distance away from the Hunsrück. Due to the sustainable, regional use of the raw material wood, we can also offer you PEFC and FSC certified chipboard.

Due to the use of fresh wood, our chipboards have a low sand content, no foreign bodies and are, therefore, very well-suited for further processing (cutting to size, milling, drilling, etc.). Your tool life is significantly extended!

Together with our customers, we optimise our chipboards for the intended use (format, formula and weight adjustments are possible).

Regardless of whether tongue and groove chipboard, individual productions or fixed-size cuts, on-time deliveries, even of partial quantities, directly to construction sites or other delivery addresses optimise the daily business of our customers.

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