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elka esb panels are climate-neutral products

In Germany, around 30 % of CO2 emissions are caused by buildings. Reducing this ecological footprint helps to protect the climate and saves money too. CO2 reduction starts with the materials used on the building site. Renewable and CO2-neutral materials help to conserve fossil and mineral resources.

For decades, elka-Holzwerke has been known as an ecological pioneer. With our environmentally friendly, energy-efficient branded products, we deliver above-average quality standards for healthy buildings and living spaces.

Our high-quality, low-emission product lines include the esb Standard and esb PLUS unseasoned spruce panels, and the vita natural wood panel. These product lines guarantee problem-free recycling, dismantling and reuse. The entire range of products is characterised by a special processing-friendly MUF adhesive without isocyanates.

The sustainability of elka products has already been certified by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) for the wood-based materials sector. By joining a new climate protection initiative by the German wood industry, the company is also committing to a comprehensive sustainability strategy and its guidelines for sustainable, climate-friendly development. In keeping with this, the entire esb product range was recently certified as climate neutral on the basis of its transparent CO2 balance. The product certification is based on the annual CO2 balance of the entire company. Certification of our sawn timber department and the vita natural wood panel is also planned.

“Sustainability and ecology are becoming a way of life. Reducing, and even avoiding, CO2 emissions is one of the greatest responsibilities society must take on to ensure that our environment stands the test of time for future generations,” says Marketing Director Dagmar Hilden-Kuntz.

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