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elka tree planting campaign 2021

elka tree planting campaign 2021

Instead of Christmas presents - The Morbach company plants over 2500 trees in the Malborn community forest


It is almost a tradition - this winter, too, the team around Managing Director Larissa Kuntz would like to invest the Christmas gift budget in new trees and thus, ultimately, in the future of all of us.

This year's afforestation area is located in the forest of the municipality of Malborn. There, almost one hectare of the approx. 80-year-old spruce stand has been destroyed by windthrow and beetle infestation in recent years. Now it is time to get ahead of the competing vegetation; blackberry, bracken and gorse are already spreading and quickly using the vacated spaces. The choice of tree species, Douglas fir, European larch and sycamore maple, is intended to counteract global warming and the risk of calamity through mixing and to change the high proportion of spruce in the Malborn community forest in favour of other tree species that are suitable for the site and climate-sensitive.

The planting campaign took place on one of the few sunny days in October and was accompanied by the mayor of Malborn, Petra-Claudia Hogh, and forest ranger Matthias Schön with his forestry team. Further planting and tree shelters will be carried out by foresters from the communities of Malborn and Thalfang.

On the way back, the elka delegation made a stopover in the Drohn Valley near Merscheid. Last year's planting campaign took place there and they could see for themselves that the seedlings had taken off well.

Wood is considered a particularly climate-friendly material: In one cubic metre of wood, about one tonne of CO2 is bound in the long term. When processed as a wood product, wood can replace energy-intensive building materials such as steel or concrete and thus save CO2.

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