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German Design Award 2018

Designer Prize for Spruce Panel

VITA Natural Wood Panel wins the German Design Award 2018


The VITA Natural Wood Panel from elka Holzwerke wins one of the most prestigious design honours: the German Design Award 2018. The prize is awarded by the German Design Council, the authority for brand and design in Germany. "The Vita Natural Wood Panel combines excellent ecological properties with the structural requirements of a building board" was given as the reason for the jury's decision. The award was presented to the winners on 9th February in the framework of an official event in Frankfurt / Main.

The design prize is only awarded "to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape." That is what the jury demands. Cars and stacking chairs have already been nominated for the prestigious prize, E-bike clothing and an expo pavilion. And now the VITA Natural Wood Panel.

This isn’t a piece of furniture, mind you, or a particularly sophisticated timber joint, nor is it an interior architecture project. It’s really just a simple wooden board. More precisely: a multi-layer spruce panel in qualities AB/B and B/C.

What makes a VITA Natural Wood Panel so exciting that the jury included it among the winners? The same criteria that apply to the good design of a car, piece of furniture or clothing: effective solutions in the fields of functionality, appearance and sustainability. Dagmar Hilden-Kuntz, Head of Marketing & Sales at elka Holzwerke summarises the product advantages: "The panel is very versatile, visually of exceptional quality and is environmentally-friendly."

The VITA panel is versatile because it complies with the emission requirements of a furniture panel, as well as the static values of a construction panel. Due to its outstanding durability and high strength at low weight, the multi-layer panels are also excellent for timber, roof and stairway construction. Its visual qualities are of particular importance when used in furniture and interior fittings. The exceptional high-quality workmanship is also apparent in the detail. Thus, no chances are taken with the natural knot patches at elka, but rather are inserted in line with the grain.

The medium-sized wood manufacturing company from the Hunsrück region really comes up trumps in the area of sustainability. VITA Natural Wood Panels are the only multi-layer panels on the German market which fulfil the strict requirements of "Sentinel Haus" and the tougher demands of the "Blue Angel," as well as the most recent building regulations in the administrative regulation MVV TB. The emission values are below 0.03 ppm for formaldehyde at the lowest VOC values. The timber comes from sustainable forestry. For easy-to-use bonding, elka developed a special process which guarantees the lowest level of harmful substance emission.

Managing Director Karl-Robert Kuntz once defined making "a clean, honest panel" as the aim of the developmental process. With this, he was ahead of the time. Today, timber work is undergoing a renaissance, the ecological demands have increased, and the inspections are increasingly strict. Honouring VITA Natural Wood Panel with the German Design Award 2018 sends out an unmistakable signal: It works.

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