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Lighthouse of sustainability

Instead of a single, massive box, several buildings are being built on the new logistics campus, which harmoniously fit into the landscape of the Swabian Alb. A bridge combines functional building and high -bay warehouse photo animation: Michelgroup

The Weleda Logistik Campus Schwäbisch Gmünd sets new standards in sustainable building-with the ESB wooden building boards of the elka-Holzwerke

The new Weleda Logistics Campus in Schwäbisch Gmünd marks a significant step into the future of the company, which, as the world market leader, produces certified natural cosmetics and anthroposophical medicines with active substances from nature. The construction project emphasizes sustainability in an economic, ecological and social point of view. Special emphasis is placed on a gentle handling of nature by using natural materials such as wood and rampant. The industrial site is intended to serve as a model for future -proof building and promote biodiversity with near -natural outdoor facilities.


The logistics campus enables Weleda a flexible and modular structure in order to meet future market requirements. The company is aiming for a climate-neutral company and a minimized CO footprint. The use of sustainable building materials and renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic systems and geothermal energy, are based on ecological responsibility. The aim will be to distinguish the building with the DGNB platinum certificate, the highest evaluation level of the Society for Sustainable Building.

Aerial photo recording of the overall project. With a hearing lace bearing (right), the connecting bridge, the functional building (middle) and the administration building on the left. (Photo Alber & Schulze)

The renowned architecture firm Michelgroup from Ulm took over the planning of the unique construction project in all performance phases. The Holzbau Amann team was able to play its expertise to implement the woodwork. The range of services included the wooden structure and the wooden frame walls, as well as the facade of the functional building, the connecting bridge and the administration building. The connecting bridge consists of two half -timbered carriers, which is designed for dynamic loads from the conveyor belts. The wooden facade of the functional building is around 18 m high and was completely prefabricated in individual elements including formwork at AMANN.


Holzbau Amann used almost 2,000 m2 ESB panels from elka-Holzwerke from Rhineland-Palatinate to plan the interior walls. The panels were not only used for the logistics area, but also as a visible cladding of the office space. The ESB plate can play its advantages of the sanded surface, fresh spruce wood and open to diffusion very well and contribute to a healthy indoor climate. The high measure of the construction boards proved itself even with 5 meter high window loans, they could be carried out exactly with ESB. Thanks to the record formats of up to 5.20 x 2.06 meters, large areas with little staff could also be used in a short time.


The completion of the lighthouse project is imminent, all buildings should be obtained in spring 2024.

ESB plate as a planking of the partition connection bridge and high-bay warehouse. (Photo: Holzbau Amann)
With the ESB laying plate, large areas with little staff could be planned in a quick time. (Photo: Holzbau Amann)
In all three floors of the functional building, office boxes were carried out with elka ESB panels. Due to the high surface quality, the plate was able to fit as a visual interface in the industrial building. (Photo: Holzbau Amann)
Logistics center inner cladding made of ESB panels
In the logistics center, the elka ESB plate with a total of almost 2000 m² was used as interior cladding. (Photo: Holzbau Amann)
Precise measure of ESB panels on windows
The windows up to almost 5 m high could be carried out exactly due to the high measure of the ESB plate. (Photo: Holzbau Amann)

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