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Sustainability as a new way of life

Healthy lifestyle products from elka-Holzwerke are right on trend

Sustainable purchasing behaviour is playing an increasingly important role among consumers. 81% stated that they set store by sustainability when making purchases (2019). This was the result of a study carried out by audit firm KPMG and the IFH Cologne: "Sustainability is part of our everyday reality and is set to change the economy and society fundamentally. After all, we have finally understood that there are only a limited amount of resources on our earth .....", stressed Stephan Fetsch, KPMG partner and Head of Consumer Goods.

Sustainability and health pioneer

elka-Holzwerke is known as an ecological pioneer that has been delivering good quality standards for decades with its environmentally friendly, energy-efficient branded products. High-quality, low-emission product lines include the spruce fresh wood panels of esb Standard & esb PLUS, with the latter boasting formaldehyde values below 0.03 ppm, as well as the natural wood panel vita. These product lines guarantee problem-free recycling, dismantling and reuse. The entire range of products is characterised by a special processing-friendly MUF glue without isocyanates.

rensch haus victoria

Source: Rensch-Haus GmbH - The reference show home "Victoria" from RENSCH-HAUS, built as an Efficiency House 40 Plus, won over the jury of the "German Show Home Award" in 2020 and secured gold in the Premium House category(esb PLUS - Reference).

The possible applications for elka products are extremely diverse: from prefabricated houses to high-quality furniture or trade fair construction. The goal of elka product development is to ensure a healthy living environment combined with the most stringent ecological standards. Other eco-labels such as The Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel) and certification from the Sentinel Haus Institut (for esb PLUS and VITA spruce natural wood panel respectively), as well as the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) expert report and the wood-based materials seal "Premium Quality" ensure flawless production and high quality products.

The esb PLUS board was additionally presented with the innovation prizes of the IONIC AWARD in 2017 and the Material Award in Ecology in 2018 and the natural wood panel vita was presented with the German Design Award in 2018.

Protection of the environment and climate are among the most important concerns

Environmental and climate protection are firmly anchored in the value system of the family-owned company founded in 1906 and based in Morbach in the Hunsrück region. elka only uses domestic wood from sustainable, controlled forestry from within maximum radius of about 150 kilometers – also for ecological reasons. The unique cascade production at elka is a shining example of how the company embraces the notion of environmental protection. All raw materials are completely used in three production lines of sawn timber, chipboard and natural wood production. In this way, C02 emissions are reduced and fossil resources are preserved. These endeavours are further supplemented by a certified energy management system.

DGNB - a seal of quality for sustainable construction

A growing awareness of the environment can also be seen in the construction sector. Sustainable construction demands the careful use of existing resources, the minimisation of energy consumption and protection of the environment. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. [German society for sustainable building] (DGNB) has an important role to play here. As well as the above-mentioned aspects, the DGNB's sustainability concept also considers factors such as design, well-being and costs. Depending on the building type, up to 40 sustainability criteria are included in the certification process. Depending on the extent to which these criteria are met, the DGNB awards certificates in platinum, gold, silver or bronze in its building assessment. "We have been observing an increasing number of DGNB-certified houses and buildings among our customers for some time now", explained Dagmar Hilden-Kuntz, the company's Marketing Director & Sales.

christoph gutmann referenzprojekt

Source: Christoph Gutmann (ligna Systems) - reference object esb PLUS exterior and interior photo of the stunt hall in the Aicher Park in Rosenheim

elka products now also certified with the DGNB label in the DGNB navigator

Given its clear and public commitment to the environment, cooperation with the DGNB has been a logical and important step in elka's development since 2015. The company was one of the first in the timber industry to be listed in the DGNB Navigator with its complete esb product line and the natural wood panel vita and, most recently, with the official DGNB Label certification.

Choosing the right building product is essential for sustainable construction as well as for the certification result and, in turn, the overall performance of the building. elka-Holzwerke's long-term focus on inclusion of its products in the DGNB Navigator underlines its pioneering role in establishing sustainability and ecology as a lifestyle.


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