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The best of two worlds - esb Plus and clay

The Göttingen-based company ArgillaTherm produces innovative ceiling heating and cooling systems in system design. Since 2020, the developers have been using exclusively esb Plus boards from elka Holzwerke as the substrate material for the compact clay modules.

Only esb Plus panels from elka are used as the substrate material for the heating and cooling elements
(Photos ArgillaTherm)

The panels of the Rhineland-Palatinate producer have completely convinced the team around Axel Lange. Thanks to the use of low-VOC spruce wood, environmentally friendly glue without isocyanate and a resulting very low formaldehyde emission, the panels are made for sustainable residential construction - and together with the patented ArgillaTherm system form a comfortable and environmentally friendly room air conditioning.

New natural climate ceilings for a large Berlin hotel


The hotel "The Circus" in Berlin (Photo ArgillaTherm)

Using the crisis as an opportunity: That's what the operators of the renowned hotel The Circus in the heart of Berlin set out to do and have given it a completely new look. The total of five floors were completely renovated and modernized. All rooms and spaces on the first floor were redesigned, a new gastronomic concept was implemented, and the air conditioning and heating systems were replaced. The last point in particular was a major challenge, as the time frame for the refurbishment was extremely tight: Start at the beginning of September 2020 - reopening on December 01, 2020. Thanks to the flexible, fast and easy-to-process new cooling and heating system for the ceiling from ArgillaTherm, the installation could already be completed at the end of October. Since then, 700 square meters of natural climate ceilings from ArgillaTherm have been making guests feel comfortable.
The high-performance reed modules perform up to five functions on just one surface: heating, cooling, humidity regulation and air purification as well as pleasant acoustics. They also neutralize air pollutants and absorb odors. The healthy indoor climate also makes the system ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.


Speed and precision
When it comes to processing the clay modules, speed and precision are of the essence. In this respect, the esb Plus board skilfully exploits its advantages over the conventional OSB board. On the large ceiling surfaces, it can score with a higher transverse tensile strength and lower swelling, while the high fitting accuracy and flexural strength are completely convincing. The award from the Sentinel Haus Institute and the Blue Angel certify that the laying boards from elka Holzwerke meet the highest standards of sustainability and building health. Furthermore, the esb product line was recently certified as climate-neutral - together with the clay modules from ArgillaTherm, this results in a consistently environmentally friendly product that can be 100% recycled at the end of the building life cycle.

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