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The premium natural wood board

elka vita

The low-pollutant natural wood board vita
for healthy building & living

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Top quality is our passion        

As an ecological pioneer, elka-Holzwerke has been offering an above-average quality standard with its branded products for decades & is committed to healthy, future-oriented wood-based materials. Extensive research efforts accompany our activities in collaboration with our customers.

Today, multi-layer solid wood boards have to meet a wide range of requirements, such as static properties, indoor air hygiene and the new national and European standards & directives.

As a multi-layer solid wood board, the vita natural wood board meets the emission requirements of a furniture board, as well as the static values of a building board and the ecological requirements of sustainability. They impress with their excellent durability and high strength at low weight compared to other wood-based materials.

Selected woods in spruce and Douglas fir turn the boards into beautifully shaped unique specimens. For the top side in AB quality, the board surface is even perfected with a high-quality elka natural knot dowel.

Areas of application for elka natural wood boards

verbaute Naturholzplatten von Handwerkern

Our natural wood board VITA finds many areas of application:

  • High-quality furniture and interior fittings
  • Constructive timber construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Renovations
  • Disguises of all kinds
  • Office and business equipment
  • Shopfitting and trade fair construction
  • Packaging
  • Roofs and sub-roof cladding
Naturholzplatten auf einer Palette

Excellent quality

"Blue Angel" & "Sentinel House"

The award of the "Blue Angel" eco-label and the recommendation of the "Sentinel Haus Institut" give consumers certainty: vita natural wood boards protect the environment and health. The high-quality 3-layer boards are made exclusively of spruce wood from sustainably managed forests.

On customer request, we manufacture the natural wood boards with the FSC certificate and / or for quality class AB/B, B/C with Blue Angel certificate.

A special gluing process ensures minimal VOC and formaldehyde values below 0.03 ppm for the AB/B and B/C qualities in spruce.

The extremely careful processing makes vita natural wood board a preferred wood-based material in furniture and interior design. For an even better look, natural knot dowels are inserted by hand to match the appearance of the wood.

Due to their excellent staying power and high strength with low weight, the low-emission multi-layer boards are also ideal for timber, roof and stair construction. They are classified in service class 2 / SWP 2 and can be installed behind exterior cladding or under roofs, for example.

Siegel Blauer Engel + Sentinel Haus

The delivery programme of the natural wood board vita

Natural Wood Panel vita Formats (calculation dimension):         
505x205 cm
cut to size on request possible
Thicknesses of the outer layer in mm 4 5 5 5 9 5 9
Panel thickness in mm 16 19 22 27 27 34 42
Cover side / back side
AB/B  ‎    
B/C+ on request
C+/C        ‎    
C/D on request
Cover side / back side
Douglas fir
(Douglas fir - middle layer)
AB/B  ‎    ‎  ‎  ‎  ‎
AB/C  ‎    ‎  ‎    ‎  ‎
B/C  ‎    ‎  ‎  ‎  ‎


Natural wood panels with tongue-and-groove with chamfer
Formats (calculation dimension):       
 505 x 102,5 cm / 252.5 x 102,5 cm /
252,5 x 68,3 cm
Thickness of the outer layers in mm ‎55 9
Panel thickness in mm 1922* 27
4-side with tongue-and-groove with chamfer
B/C ⚫
2-side with tongue-and-groove with chamfer
 B/C ‎  ‎



*Tongue and groove processing with chamfer in thickness 22 mm starting at 300 m², possible special sizes / thicknesses on request. 

Downloads on the subject of vita natural wood boards

Product flyer natural wood panel VITA
Product flyer natural wood panel VITA
Siegel Blauer Engel (elka VITA Massivholzplatte 3-Schicht Fichte, Qualität AB/B und B/C, Dickenbereich: 15-50 mm)
Siegel Qualitätsgemeinschaft Holzwerkstoffe e.V.
Siegel DGNB Navigator KXFGDE
Siegel QNG ready Sentinel Haus
Siegel Made in Germany
siegel eph
Siegel CE
Siegel PEFC
Siegel FSC C100151
Siegel German Design Award Winner 2018
Siegel A+
Siegel AgBB geprüft

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