elka® esb (elka strong board)

esb P5 - The solution for healthy climate, living and building

The new esb-board for load support purposes in wet areas consists of 100% fresh wood, mainly spruce, and fulfills highest technical demands. They are available with blunt edges or with a tongue-and-groove profile. The esb type P5 can be used for all common purposes in the building sector and offers considerable advantages compared to OSB panels.


Product information

Technological advantages:

  • Same bending strength and elastic modulus in both directions
  • Higher internal bond than OSB (approx. 40% higher)
  • Less swelling than OSB

Application advantages:

  • Very bright surface and outstanding appearance
  • Domestic green wood with no odour emitted
  • Same weight as OSB
  • Meets IPPC standard ISPM No. 15 for wooden packaging
  • Sanded finish and therefore:
    • largly vapour-permeable
    • Adhesives, paints and varnishes can be applied
    • The surface is virtually sealed
    • The decorative and natural character of wood is shown
    • The boards have an extremely precise fit



esb Plus/ VITA